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Where I eat in Krakow: Kasia Pilitowska

Kasia Pilitowska co-creates culinary festivals in Krakow, runs two food joints in Kazimierz, and in autumn 2018, together with her daughter Zosia, wrote a cookbook featuring egg recipes. She is a vegetarian, but her recommendations please meat eaters too.

For breakfast: Ranny Ptaszek and Hummus Amamamusi

Of course I recommend spots I run: Ranny Ptaszek and Hummus Amamamusi because I like to eat at my own place. I also like Karma for their modest, simple menu, excellent coffee and tea and superb cakes.

For coffee: Dobra roaster coffee

You can drink it in a microcafe in Zabłocie (Przemysłowa 12). In summertime I go for nitro coffee with bubbles and some lemon juice. Another advantage of this spot is the service – your coffee is usually brewed by either Michał or Kuba, the founders of the roastery and both outstanding baristas.

For Sunday lunch: Ka Udon and milk bars.

I am a long-time lover of milk bars and on Sundays, after visiting Hala Targowa flea market, I usually go for lunch to one of my favourites – Targowy milk bar at Daszyńskiego Street. I also love lunching in Nowa Huta in the Północny and Centralny milk bars. It is not only about good and honest food, but also about unique social encounters with the locals. For a Sunday meal I also recommend Ka Udon (Rakowicka 14a). Udon is exceptional as is the interior and wine selection. I feel at home there, among others, thanks to the attentive and pleasant service.

For a quick snack

Quite a few joints serving excellent vegetarian food on the go have sprung up recently. I like langos from the authentic Hungarian vendor and chips in Fiszka on Plac Nowy, pasteis de nata in Cafe Lisboa when I feel like something sweet, pizza in Vicenti and lavash from the Lavash Bar on Rajska. I chug a glass of wine in Krakowski Standard at the Stary Kleparz farmers' market.

For an evening get-together with friends: Krakó Slow Wine and Mercy Brown.

For a wine evening, I choose Krakó Slow Wine on Lipowa and to sample great cocktails I pop in to Mercy Brown – the perfect interior for even more perfect drinks. I like immersing myself in the past of Kazimierz by going to Kolory for a kir royal and, when in the city centre, for a small vodka to Dym, or a little further for natural wine to Żonglerka.

For a date: a picnic

I would go on a picnic, bring some good prosecco, cheeses from Che Bonta and some more from Ela's stand in Stary Kleparz. Also in the market I would buy fruit, vegetables and olives from Oliwki etc. For bread, preferably a baguette, I would run to Zaczyn!

For something sweet: La Baguette

I do not eat sweets, but I buy cakes for parties or for my parents nearby at La Baguette  (Meiselsa Street), they are superb. My only sweet soft spot is for apple pie and lemon tart in Prowincja on Bracka Street.

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News author: Magdalena Wójcik
News Publisher: Culinary Krakow
Published: 2018-12-20
Last update: 2018-12-20

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