Bread and Friends

A return to tradition! This is the slogan of the regional products fair series, whose first edition "Bread and Friends" took place on Sunday, September 8. on Handelka Square at Św. Filipa 14. You could buy artisan bread and Malopolska products there, take part in workshops and take sourdough necessary for to bake home-made bread.

Bread and Friends
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Many culinary events took place in Krakow, the European Capital of Gastronomy Culture in 2019,. The regional products market on Handelka Square is an initiative that brings an opportunity to meet the producers, breeders and processors from Krakow and the surrounding area in person.


The "Bread and Friends" event was held in the newly opened Handelka Bakery at Św. Filipa 14 and on the adjacent square. On Sunday, September 8, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Krakow residents and tourists could meet producers from the Malopolska Region and taste and buy their products: bread products - bread, challah and buns with seasonal fruit; sausages, processed products, honey, goat's milk products and others. The market is not only about shopping, but above all discussions: discussions planned on how to bake good bread and the artisanal baking of traditional bread, conversations about honey and the production of nutritious silage. This is a treat for people who are culinary-conscious, interested in healthy eating and seeking old, traditional flavors.

 At an event devoted to the theme of bread, the Krakow Obwarzanek (bagel) was obviously present. In addition to tasting, talks and cooking shows, bagel workshops for children and adults run by the Live Bagel Museum of Krakow were also part of the fair. During the meeting with bakers, another unique product was also mentioned – Prądnicki Bread, whose baking tradition dates back to the 14th century. Prądnicki Bread has a Protected Geographical Indication and a precisely described appearance and composition. At present, bakers from the Handelka Bakery are applying for the certificate necessary to bake and sell Prądnicki Bread.

Krakow Obwarzanek and Prądnicki Bread are regional culinary products promoted under the Slow Food CE project - a European project aimed at promoting culinary heritage. The city of Krakow is one of the partners of this project.


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