Restaurants recommended by Michelin Guide

Each year in March the culinary world is waiting with bated breath for a small red book to be issued.

Restaurants recommended by Michelin Guide
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It is of course the Michelin Guide featuring the best restaurants in the world. The Michelin Guide awards restaurants according to the following rating system: Michelin stars - for the quality of the food (one to three stars), covers (spoon and fork symbol) - for decor, quality of service and atmosphere (one to five covers) and the Bib Gourmand - for value for money.

In Poland, Michelin inspectors review restaurants in two cities: Warsaw and Krakow. So far only two stars were awarded in Poland, both for Warsaw-based restaurants: Atelier Amaro and Senses. The first Krakow Michelin star is yet to come and we may need to wait a little. The Bib Gourmand has been awarded in Krakow just to Zazie Bistro. Other restaurants were recognised with the spoon and fork symbols. Additionally, Studio Qulinarne received a red coloured spoon and fork rating for its pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurants reccomended in Krakow:

3 spoon and fork symbols: Copernicus, Trzy Rybki;

2 spoon and fork symbols: Kogel Mogel, Pod Baranem, Jarema, Amarylis, Cyrano de Bergerac, Corse, Studio Qulinarne, Szara Kazimierz, Szara, Albertina, Leonardo;

1 spoon and fork symbol: Karakter, Industrial (od czasu opublikowania rekomendacji restauracja została zamknięta), Pod Nosem, Bianca, La Campana, Farina, Del Papa, Bottiglieria 1881, Zazie, Miodova, Hana Sushi, Zakładka, Sąsiedzi.

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