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European Academy of Gastronomy

The title of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture was granted to the city of Kraków by the European Academy of Gastronomy (AEG). Its Polish branch was founded in 2006.

The Polish Academy of Gastronomy, as one of the national academies which are a part of the International Academy of Gastronomy (AIG), pursues all primary objectives of this organisation as well as promotes Polish cuisine and supports initiatives that help develop Polish culinary art. In recognition of the work of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy, on 24th February 2014 the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage took honorary patronage over the initiative.

The Polish branch of AIG was founded in November 2006 in Sobański Palace in Warsaw. Don Rafael Ansón, President of the Spanish Academy and Honorary President of the International Academy, attended the official event. Maciej Dobrzyniecki is the founder and current President of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy. He is also a member of the board of the International Academy of Gastronomy and secretary general of the European Academy of Gastronomy.

Main goals of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy

Each year the Academy nominates outstanding figures and institutions to be considered for international awards granted by the Academy's headquarters in Paris (AIG Prix) as well as national gastronomic prizes (Ars Coquinaria).

The Academy organises apprenticeships for Polish chefs in the best Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. The internships are granted in conjunction with the Academy's awards or during nationwide gastronomic competitions. So far the Academy has arranged internships in the following restaurants: El Celler de Can Roca (Spain), Eleven Madison Park (USA), Osteria Francescana (Italy), Arzak (Spain) and Pavillon Ledoyen (France).

The Academy is involved in a plethora of culinary initiatives including TV shows (Top Chef – collaboration over 5 seasons when the Academy arranged internships for semi-finalists) and culinary competitions (e.g. Wine & Food Noble Night and many other regional contests). The Academy takes patronage over culinary events, supports the organisers with its know-how and helps arrange prizes for winners.

Moreover, the Academy collaborates with a number of vocational culinary schools in Poland and holds patronage over school events, training sessions and competitions for young people who remain the future of the Polish culinary scene. The Academy also cooperates with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism because Maciej Dobrzyniecki - President of the Academy of Gastronomy - is a member of the Social Council for Tourism attached to the ministry.

Quarterly, the members of the Academy of Gastronomy visit selected restaurants in Poland. During such visits, they evaluate the cooking, service and general operations of restaurants and by giving feedback want to effectively improve the culinary level of Polish restaurants.

European Academy of Gastronomy

The European Academy of Gastronomy operates within the International Academy of Gastronomy (AIG), an organisation focused on gastronomic culture.

AIG was founded in 1983 by four national academies (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland) and currently has 29 members from 23 countries including China, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, the United States and Poland. The headquarters of the International Academy are located in Paris. The Academy collaborates among others with the UN (UNESCO, FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, WHO - World Health Organisation, UNWTO - World Tourism Organisation), the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).

Source: AIG press releases

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News author: Grażyna Płachta
News Publisher: Culinary Cracow
Published: 2018-09-18
Last update: 2018-09-19

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