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Where I eat in Krakow: Magda Kasprzyk-Chevriaux

Cheesecake in Massolit, seafood in Euskadi. Magda Kasprzyk-Chevriaux - journalist and food expert -recommends her favourite dining dens.

For breakfast: Ranny Ptaszek

For the last few months it's been definitely Ranny Ptaszek. On my way back from running I can eat something a bit different than the usual simple soft boiled egg or cottage cheese with radish and chives.

For coffee: Kolory

I am not big into coffee and I refuse to gravitate towards third wave. For me coffee is like in Jim Jarmusch's movie - Coffee and Cigarettes. Plus people. That is why I go for coffee to Kolory. Consistently for the last 20 years. This is my old stomping ground and people watching spot. The coffee is often bitter and burnt, served with milk and sugar - the refined, white variety.

For Sunday lunch: with my daughter

Well, as an introvert and someone who eats out quite often on weekdays, I do not tend to go out for Sunday lunches. Instead I spend my Sundays at home. If someone wanted to force me to go out for a family lunch then probably my child would decide where. And she likes Mamma Mia, Ka Udon and Akita Ramen. Several years back we used to go to Zalewajka in Kazimierz, but we stopped.

For a quick snack: food trucks

I am not going to be original but I would recommend one of the food trucks in Kazimierz, Mazaya Falafel or knish from Massolit.

For an evening get-together with friends: cocktails

Here it depends on the friends I am going out with. With so-called "old" friends I would go to Kolory. With the "new" ones we end up in Sababa or Mercy Brown.

For a date: Karakter or Euskadi

I do not date. When I used to, I usually went to Przegorzały in order not to meet anyone I knew (and of course it always turned out that I bumped into friends). If I were to go out on a date, I would test them in Karakter or Euskadi and suggest they try horse meat steak tartare, pig trotters (in Karakter), goose barnacles or soft-shell crab (in Euskadi).

For something sweet: Massolit

It might come as a surprise, but I do not have a sweet tooth. Well, maybe from time to time. I have a soft spot for cheesecake. My favourite is the one from Massolit on Smoleńsk Street.

A dish that I strongly associate with Krakow is: maczanka, a pulled pork sandwich

Official version: maczanka. But really, a dark chargrilled redykołka cheese with jam. And that is not good.

Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux - a Krakow native, lawyer by occupation and culinary journalist by passion. She specialises in the history of Polish cuisine. She has a column on food history in the Krakow supplement to "Gazeta Wyborcza" and writes regularly for Culture.pl and the following magazines: "Usta", "Kuchnia" and "Forbes". In November 2018 her book "Kapłony i szczeżuje" was published by Czarne publishing house. It is an extended interview with professor Jarosław Dumanowski.

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News author: Magdalena Wójcik
News Publisher: Culinary Krakow
Published: 2018-11-09
Last update: 2018-11-24

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