Krakow Capital Menu. An Opportunity to Sample Unique Dishes

21 Krakow restaurants offer menus inspired by the city's history and local products. The Krakow Capital Menu initiative is part of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019.

Where to eat in Krakow? Check the new Facebook guide!

In cooperation with Kraków City Hall, Facebook issued a culinary guide to the city, based on the recommendations gathered by four Facebook communities.

Culinary heritage and tourism – an encounter with Mariusz Rybak

The Interreg SlowFood Central Europe project has entered another stage. A representative of Slow Food talked to a group of people dealing with the promotion of culinary culture in Krakow about Slow Food activities aimed at preserving culinary traditions.

Krakovians on the culinary heritage of the city [VIDEO]

Both residents of Krakow and other cities may enjoy even more materials prepared under the Slow Food-CE project.

Wine and goose - reviving old traditions for Saint Martin's Day

Two days with new Polish wine, goose and tasty food - this is how we can summarise the New Wine Festival that took place in Stara Zajezdnia. The Municipality of Krakow - 2019 European Capital of Gastronomic Culture - was the partner of the event.

Christmas magic on the Main Market Square

Krakow in December? A must-see! One reason to visit is the Christmas market that makes the Main Market Square bubble with festive holiday atmosphere throughout the entire month.

Innovative trout from Krakow

It's undoubtedly the most acclaimed fish in all of Poland. Even though Pstrąg Ojcowski, the Ojców trout, can be sampled in the finest Polish restaurants, for best results it must be sampled in its own habitat - just outside Krakow: in the heart of Ojców National Park.

Restaurants recommended by Poland 100 Best Restaurants

The gala to celebrate the 8th edition of the Poland 100 Best Restaurants guide was attended by more than 200 restaurant owners and chefs from dining establishments included in the guidebook. Krakow restaurants were also represented.

It's Saint Martin's Day - let's try new wine!

For the sixth occasion, Srebrna Góra Vineyard invites all Krakow residents to taste this year's wine during the feast of Saint Martin's Day. The Municipality of Krakow - 2019 European Capital of Gastronomic Culture - is a partner of the event.

The Cuisine of the United States, bread and wine - HORECA® trade fair in Krakow

The Cuisine of the United States, bread and wine - these are the highlights of the largest trade fair for the hotel and catering industry in Krakow that will take place 7-9 November 2018.

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