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Krakow-inspired cookbooks

Krakow – a UNESCO City of Literature - also boasts some excellent books of a culinary persuasion.

Celebrities, chefs, bloggers and journalists alike all publish cookbooks. It is no different in Krakow. The most popular cookbook authors with links to Krakow are undoubtedly Anna Starmach and Ewa Wachowicz. In October 2018, Starmach's latest book had its premiere. It includes recipes for dishes that will make perfect suppers. On the other hand, Ewa Wachowicz after her two books on salads and cakes, both published in 2017, wrote a cookbook revolving around dinner ideas. Fans of Ewa, a restauranteur and juror in culinary shows, will be happy to hear she has also published a calendar for 2018.

Dominika Wójciak, a blogger at Kulinarne Bezdroża and winner of the third season of Master Chef, also published a series of cookbooks. You can meet Dominika at one of the regular culinary workshops she conducts. Her latest book "Prosto, pysznie, do pudełka" (Pascal, 2018) provides simple yet yummy lunchbox ideas.

Grzegorz Targosz and Paweł Łukasik, the duo who run the food blog gotowaniezpasja.pl have published four cookbooks. The first one, "Kipi kasza", released in 2015, includes 105 recipes for dishes with grouts and was followed by "Retro warzywa" on long-neglected vegetables and "Dynia" with various pumpkin recipes. Their recent publication, prepared in cooperation with the Streat Slow Food team, is all about burgers ("BurgerDream”, 2017)

Bartek Kieżun, known as the Krakowski Makaroniarz, has taken the book market by storm. The second, extended edition of his "Italia do zjedzenia" cookbook is coming out soon and a book on Portuguese cuisine is due in 2019. Kieżun already has an idea for his next two books.

The two owners of Ranny Ptaszek - Kasia and Zosia Pilitowska - have released a book with their favourite egg recipes. The mother and daughter team included also egg serving suggestions from Krakow locals.

Those who love reading about food should grab books by Robert Makłowicz and Wojciech Nowicki, curator and restaurant critic at Gazeta Wyborcza daily. In November 2018 an extended interview with professor Jarosław Dumanowski was published. It was taken down by Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux, journalist who works, among others, with Gazeta Wyborcza daily, Usta magazine and culture.pl („Kapłony i szczeżuje”, Czarne, 2018).

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News author: Magdalena Wójcik
News Publisher: Culinary Krakow
Published: 2018-11-08
Last update: 2018-11-08

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