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Culinary Krakow

Four Slow Food Zones soon in Krakow


- Special Slow Food Zones, a big step on the way to creating a new tourist offer, are to make Krakow associated with high-quality regional products - says Katarzyna Opoczka, project manager of Slow Food Central Europe in Krakow.

The Best Krakow Regional Menu - competition results


In 21 Krakow restaurants you can try dishes inspired by the history of the city and local products. According to guests, the best menus were prepared by Baroque, Szara Gęś and Copernicus restaurants.

Pierogi, steak tartare and żurek – a handful of classics


Krakow has a lot to offer for famished tourists – both those hungry in a literal sense and those hungry for culinary escapades. You can find restaurants and eateries for every budget and with a wide selection of cuisines including casual Polish and international bar food, ethnic eateries, along with ambitious establishments

Krakow nightlife: sentimental journey


Krakow nightlife has already been through several stages since the political transformation. Each stage has contributed its own share to Krakow's reputation for hedonism.

The milk bars of Krakow


The first milk bar called "Mleczarnia Nadświdrzańska" (literally: the creamery under the Świder river) was opened in Warsaw in 1896 by a dairy farmer called Stanisław Dłużewski. The name comes from the fact that the menu comprised primarily of milk-based and vegetarian dishes. Several decades later there were as many as 40 thousand milk bars in Poland.

Christmas Eve in Krakow: mushrooms, fish and poppy seeds


Christmas Eve supper called wigilia is clearly the most important meal of the year in most Polish households. In many homes Christmas Eve customs are followed closely and traditional dishes are made that are not served on any other day of the year.

From fine dining to street food: culinary events in Krakow


The Krakow restaurant scene is flourishing. Each week you hear about new restaurants opening and the calendar of culinary events overflows with tastings, meetings and fairs.

Krakow-inspired cookbooks


Krakow – a UNESCO City of Literature - also boasts some excellent books of a culinary persuasion.

Krakow’s bakeries - smell of fresh baked bread


For centuries, Krakow was a city inhabited by many ethnic groups, which significantly influenced the character of the dishes served here. However, regardless of historical reality, bread is one of the most important foods here.

Market day - Stary Kleparz and the neighbourhood


Trading history at Kleparz dates back to the Middle Ages. Today Stary Kleparz is one of Krakow’s most colourful and diverse farmers' markets where you can buy vegetables from local farmers, ripe mangoes flown in from far away, and all sorts of other delicacies from various parts of the world.

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