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Culinary Heritage

Obwarzanek - the round symbol of Krakow


Unassuming, round, obwarzanek krakowski is without a doubt the quintessential Krakow baked product and a symbol of the city.

Gęsi pipek, challah and bagels - Jewish influences in Krakow


Different styles of Jewish cuisine are always a compromise between the principles of the kosher diet as outlined by Judaism and the local culinary traditions of places where Jews lived. It was no different in Krakow.

Handelki: breakfasts until midnight and


Since the 1890s Krakow delicatessen had adjacent "breakfast rooms" also called "breakfast establishments" or separate "breakfast handelki", open from 8am until midnight.

Krakow cuisine: maczanka, liptauer and sandwiches


To unearth the culinary heritage of Krakow, we need to go back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - says food journalist Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux.

Confecta and electuaria – prescription sweets


Peculiar sweets from the times of Jadwiga and Jagiełło were confecta and electuaria. The accounts of the court record that they were purchased for carnisprivium, or the Slavic carnival called zapusty. It remains unknown whether they were eaten for pleasure or to mitigate the side effects of lavish meals.

Vodkas and sweets – Krakow’s first patisseries


The development of pastry shops and cafes was an important driver of the town's growth. In "Czas" magazine from 1856, patisserie Redolfi, located right on the Main Market Square, is described as a focal point of a lens where all beams of knowledge cross. Before Krakow residents started visiting cafes en masse, patisseries used to be their usual meeting point.

Innovative trout from Krakow


It's undoubtedly the most acclaimed fish in all of Poland. Even though Pstrąg Ojcowski, the Ojców trout, can be sampled in the finest Polish restaurants, for best results it must be sampled in its own habitat - just outside Krakow: in the heart of Ojców National Park.

Slow Food Central Europe – promoting gastronomic heritage


Cheese 2017 in Bra, Italy, was the location for a meeting between  partners from five European Union member states (Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) to officially launch Slow Food Central Europe.

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