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Serwis uzywa plików cookies zgodnie z polityką prywatności pozostając w serwisie akceptują Państwo te warunki

Culinary heritage

Handelki: breakfasts until midnight and


Since the 1890s Krakow delicatessen had adjacent "breakfast rooms" also called "breakfast establishments" or separate "breakfast handelki", open from 8am until midnight.

Gęsi pipek, challah and bagels - Jewish influences in Krakow


Different styles of Jewish cuisine are always a compromise between the principles of the kosher diet as outlined by Judaism and the local culinary traditions of places where Jews lived. It was no different in Krakow.

Farynas – Krakow’s medieval street food


What did street food look like centuries ago? Maybe instead of looking for inspiration in Asia, it is time to come back to Krakow’s tried and tested ideas as to what to nibble - on the go...

Obwarzanek - the round symbol of Krakow


Unassuming, round, obwarzanek krakowski is without a doubt the quintessential Krakow baked product and a symbol of the city.

Soups, roasts and puddings. Royal cuisine at Wawel


In the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance period, Krakow experienced a boom - mainly thanks to the trade routes criss-crossing the city. Merchants brought with them new ingredients. An important buyer of goods was the royal court.

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