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Where I eat in Krakow: Daniel Myśliwiec

Daniel Myśliwiec is chef in two restaurants that are beloved by locals and honoured with prestigious awards: Zazie Bistro and Karakter. He eats mainly in Kazimierz and this is where you will find most of his favourite spots.

For breakfast: my home

In this matter I am very loyal and consistent – I always have my breakfast with my wife Aneta Myśliwiec. Breakfast is a ritual in our home, even if I am busy all day long and there is a lot going on, we start each day in the same way: we sit at the table together and eat a family breakfast.

For coffee: the garden of Alchemia

In spring and summer, a large white coffee in Alchemia's beer garden is a must. I have been going there for years to enjoy morning sunshine and watch how Kazimierz comes to life, but above all it is one of those places where they have a good coffee machine and reliable baristas – everything is simply spot on. In wintertime I often sneak out to Kawalerka, just across the road from Karakter, but far enough to change perspective and look at your own work from a distance. They specialise in tea, I love that moment when I stealthily cross Brzozowa street, go inside and feel as if I had just landed in India – the mix of exotic scents and positive energy. They pay really close attention to detail.

For Sunday lunch: Hana Sushi and Youmiko

If I eat out in Krakow then it is usually with the whole family or with friends and we often choose Hana Sushi or Youmiko. They are very different places, but both have one thing in common ­– the excellent taste and friendly vibe. I feel very comfortable there.

For a quick snack: Akita Ramen and The Dog Food Truck

I like to drop by my friend's places: Justyna from Akita Ramen and Paweł from The Dog Food Truck –  our local Kazimierz Brooklyn Boogie. Small talk with great food with no pretence and posing. I love it!

For an evening get-together with friends...

Always with best friends, whatever catches our fancy – most important is that we are together. Usually we end up in Mleczarnia or Alchemia. We have stayed out until dawn many times, watched sunrise together on the Vistula and once even on the top of Krakus Mound.

For a date...

We try to choose different places with my wife each time to keep it exciting and to go beyond the well-known spots so it is difficult to name just one place.

For something sweet: Vanilla

Without any hesitation, and often on an impulse, I literally run to Vanilla like a little boy! Each cake is different and a true masterpiece. The ladies at the counter are charming and there is something wonderfully French about them. Do you remember "Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp? The very same magic is in the air in Vanilla. I would give up my last unclogged artery for their rose cake.

A place in Krakow where I relax: Stary Kleparz

Stary Kleparz market. I unwind by strolling between the stalls, chatting with the vendors and sampling the great variety of produce their tables are heavy with.

A dish that I strongly associate with Krakow...

Maczanka po krakowsku of course!

Main inspirations in my kitchen...

Culinary postmodernism, but in a very conscious and confident form where the greats of this world have no complexes in reaching for the simplest traditions and long-forgotten dishes and showcasing them in completely new incarnations.

Favourite local produce...

Bundz with fenugreek from Limanowa, trout from Wierzchówka Valley, sausage from Liszki and śliwowica łącka – a plum brandy from Łącko, are all being uniquely transformed in my kitchen. The trout is marinated in passionfruit, coriander and chilli and served on a butter roll with bundz, avocado and walnut pesto. Another idea is a soup made of lightly smoked white chocolate and śliwowica with a plum sorbet.

The chef, who inspires me the most...

I have some occasional flings here, but my true and eternal love for years has been Anthony Bourdain. When I have a moment of weakness or meekness and I hesitate whether I should do something adventurous he always appears over my left arm and says: Just do it Daniel! And I always listen to him!