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Where I eat in Krakow: Marta Bradshaw

Marta Bradshaw, the founder of Eataway, a portal that lets you taste home cooked meals made by Krakow locals, has her own tried and tested culinary routes led by her daily errands. Where does Marta, who has mastered the art of baking cheesecakes, buy her pączki?

For coffee: Rio

Out of nostalgia I usually pop into Rio because for years I used to live around the corner on Szczepańska Street. It has a unique vibe, a well-designed interior and, above all, the people – the same bunch since time immemorial. It recalls childhood memories and the coffee is served in special cups which give a nostalgic nod to the 80s. There are just a few left so you need to tell the lovely lady behind the bar that you would like to have your coffee served in one of them. Often after dropping the kids to school, on ungodly cold mornings, I would meet my friend there (both of us with sleepy faces and our pyjamas hidden under long coats).

For something sweet: Tiffany

I recommend the saffron and sunflower seed ice cream at Tiffany, a small Iranian ice cream shop on Szczepański Square. Cakes I bake myself. Mostly cheesecakes that half my neighbourhood lives on. I buy unimaginable amounts of pączki (fried donoughts) and eclairs in Michałek pastry shop on Krupnicza Street.

For breakfast: Bunkier Cafe

In Bunkier, which is just next to where our editorial team works, I have never been let down by their eggs Florentine.

For Sunday lunch: Zazie Bistro

We usually eat Sunday lunch at home with the family, but every now and then, we visit Zasie Bistro in Kazimierz, where we have a favourite table in the basement area. We also drop by Piwowar - they are out of town, near the village of Wysoka. It is a classic country restaurant with amazing steak tartare and herring in cream sauce.

For a quick snack: Oriental Spoon

When feeling peckish while shopping at Stary Kleparz market, I go for bibimbap at Oriental Spoon on Paderewskiego. It is an inexpensive, tasty and consistently good quality Korean place.

For an evening get-together with friends: Eszeweria and Bill Hickman

We usually head down to Eszeweria or Bill Hickman on Józefa Street. In Hickman they have rose vodka from Lublin and kosher walnut liquer from Bielsko Biała – now we are talking! I sometimes pop into Bomba for a quick shot. We rarely eat out with friends because I often host house parties in the kitchen with homemade alcohols and snacks.

Most typical Krakow place: U Stasi

Krakow for me is summed up by the cooking at U Stasi on Mikołajska - delicious pierogi with thick dough, tongue with horseradish sauce, meatballs with beets. I grew up with those flavours around, I like and respect them.

For a date: a view over the Vistula

Sometimes it is a spontaneous picnic on a blanket by the river, right next to where the Rudawa flows into the Vistula. Other times it is a trip to Zijad in Przegorzały to sit on the terrace and take in the beautiful view over the meandering Vistula.

Marta Bradshaw is the founder of Local-Life.com – an English-language site about Krakow, and the Krakow Post – an English-language newspaper, as well as Eataway which can be described as Airbnb for foodies. It is a platform that allows you to invite guests to enjoy a meal together, set up food-related events, pop ups and culinary workshops. Every Wednesday at Marta's house in Salwator you can try traditional Polish dishes in international company.