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Where I eat in Krakow: Magda Wójcik

I keep coming back to the same places - says Magda Wójcik, organiser of several food festivals in Krakow.

For breakfast: Karma

There are quite a few breakfast spots in Krakow. I usually head to Karma, a place I appreciate for their vibe, good quality vegetarian food, excellent cakes and phenomenal coffee. People who want to sample local flavours should pop in to Handelek on św. Filipa to try their sandwiches. Other great options include sandwiches in Zaczyn and breakfasts in Żonglerka – they are both tiny spots with very fluid opening times, make sure to check their Facebook page to see if they are open. Another place I like is Ranny Ptaszek. I always have a dilemma whether to have shakshuka or sabih. They are both excellent!

For coffee: Nowa Prowincja

Going for coffee in Krakow is like going to the movies or to watch a film. If I am going for coffee – to meet with my friends – I usually head to Nowa Prowincja, Bunkier Sztuki, or one of the beer gardens on Szczepański Square. If I am going to drink coffee – I go for the third wave: Karma, Wesoła and Tektura.

For Sunday lunch: Youmiko, Karakter

I have gone off eating meat lately. But when I was still eating meat, Krakter was one of my favourite spots with their great offal dishes and innovative mussels. I always thoroughly enjoy eating in Youmiko sushi bar. Just make sure you book ahead. The full list of my top hangouts is rather longer and you can check them all out at najedzenifest.pl

For an evening get-together with friends: Lipowa, Żonglerka, Mercy Brown

I definitely do not visit Krakó Slow Wines often enough as Zabłocie is the other end of the city from me. But it is worth going there, sample some wines and excellent snacks or attend one of the many meetings and tastings they hold. On the other hand, Żonglerka is in my neighbourhood. A tiny place with a great selection of natural wines, friendly staff – what more could you want right on your doorstep? Mercy Brown is perfect for those who want to try the best cocktails in Krakow and chat with their brilliant and always cheerful bartenders.

For a quick snack: Meat & Go, Poco Loco, Fiszka, Lavash, Ka Udon

I rarely eat meat, but I send all my meat-eating friends to Meat&Go. Reuben, Cuban and the rarely available Lampredotto used to be my Holy Trinity. I recommend ordering these three sandwiches and taking joy in sharing them with your friends while sipping good, simple wine. I like Poco Loco – a Mexican fast food joint that has never upset my stomach. I always order their vegetarian tacos and the novelty still has not worn off. Lavash Bar is also great – as an alternative to doner kebabs and also Fiszka serving fried fish and chips.

Nearly every time I go somewhere by train, just before the trip I drop by Ka Udon – a place with delicious vegetarian udon and tempura. It is fast, honest, good and filling food – it is my fantasy to have more places like this in Krakow that are run with such passion and attention to detail.

A taste that I strongly associate with Krakow: obwarzanek

I only moved to Krakow when I started university, but I often came here  as a child with my dad who worked near the Main Market Square. Always with an obwarzanek in my hand I walked around the city the entire day. I often bought corn at the end of Szewska. Also, when I moved here for college I was happy to find that caraway seed was routinely added to bread in Krakow.

Magda Wójcik – culinary journalist, organiser of food festivals: Najedzeni Fest!, Restaurant Week, Fine Dining Week and Cocktail Festival.