górne tło

Nuremberg and Krakow – at one table

Between 19 and 22 October Krakow hosted 17 restauranteurs from Nuremberg, its partner town, who delved into the secrets of Krakow’s cuisine – the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomic Culture.

During their stay, the guests had the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Małopolska at the Stary Kleparz farmers' market and sample Benedictine monks' goods during a visit to Tyniec Abbey. The culinary traditions of Krakow and Nuremberg coalesced at one table during two cooking workshops. Under the professional eye of Bartłomiej Płócienniak, the head of Studio Twój Kucharz, our guests from Nuremberg took on the challenge of preparing three traditional Polish dishes: żurek – sour soup, pierogi – Polish-style stuffed dumplings, and kremówka – a traditional cream and custard pastry.

Additionally, Nuremberg flavours were also brought to Krakow thanks to Christoph Zielke, the owner of Cafe Bar Wanderer & Wanderer Bieramt, who has been involved in several culinary and cultural projects together with Nowa Prowincja restaurant. Christoph ran a workshop where the representatives of Krakow restaurants learnt how to prepare a traditional Bavarian salad and sampled renowned Nuremberg sausages.

The project was conducted in cooperation with the Polenreisen travel agency located in Krakow House in Nuremberg, with the support of the International Office of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Berlin and the Małopolska Tourist Organisation.

This culinary-themed visit from Nuremberg marks the beginning of future projects related to Krakow’s award of the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomic Culture title.