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Restaurants recommended by Michelin Guide

Each year in March the culinary world is waiting with bated breath for a small red book to be issued.

It is of course the Michelin Guide featuring the best restaurants in the world. The Michelin Guide awards restaurants according to the following rating system: Michelin stars - for the quality of the food (one to three stars), covers (spoon and fork symbol) - for decor, quality of service and atmosphere (one to five covers) and the Bib Gourmand - for value for money.

In Poland, Michelin inspectors review restaurants in two cities: Warsaw and Krakow. So far only two stars were awarded in Poland, both for Warsaw-based restaurants: Atelier Amaro and Senses. The first Krakow Michelin star is yet to come and we may need to wait a little. The Bib Gourmand has been awarded in Krakow just to Zazie Bistro. Other restaurants were recognised with the spoon and fork symbols. Additionally, Studio Qulinarne received a red coloured spoon and fork rating for its pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurants reccomended in Krakow:

3 spoon and fork symbols: Copernicus, Trzy Rybki;

2 spoon and fork symbols: Kogel Mogel, Pod Baranem, Jarema, Amarylis, Cyrano de Bergerac, Corse, Studio Qulinarne, Szara Kazimierz, Szara, Albertina, Leonardo;

1 spoon and fork symbol: Karakter, Industrial (od czasu opublikowania rekomendacji restauracja została zamknięta), Pod Nosem, Bianca, La Campana, Farina, Del Papa, Bottiglieria 1881, Zazie, Miodova, Hana Sushi, Zakładka, Sąsiedzi.