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Ojcowski Trout

Trout breeding in Ojców, one of the first places of this type in the region, was established in the 1930s on land belonging to Princess Ludwika Czartoryska. Almost 80 years later, Magdalena Węgiel and Agnieszka Sendor, mother and daughter, leased forgotten, unused ponds and decided to restore their former glory. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, they managed not only to rebuild trout breeding, but also to create a perfect place around the ponds for enjoying the taste of freshly smoked or grilled trout in beautiful natural circumstances. The fish smoked in beech smoke with a slight admixture of wood from fruit bearing trees, served in the trout farm has already won numerous culinary awards throughout the country and has made it to international fairs.


The Ojcowski trout is a genetically pure fish. In order to achieve this effect, only spawners from the Prądnik River, Sąspówka stream and Eliaszówka stream are used for spawning. As a result, the fry is stronger, more resistant to diseases and adapts faster  to changing conditions. Trout masks well - natural colors, spots and the gradient on the fish’s skin facilitate water camouflage. Trout likes company. Depending on age, there are up to several thousand of them in one pond.


The owners of the breeding set the goal of not only restoring ethical brown trout breeding, but also promoting the history of the region and local culinary traditions.


The Ojcowski trout outside the trout farm can be enjoyed in Krakow’s the best restaurants, including: Bottiglieria 1881, Fiorentina or the Halicka Eatery & Bar. The only place in Krakow where you can buy Ojcowski trout is the Lorek & Portoyan store in Stary Kleparz.

Everything you need to know about the Ojcowski trout:


It is bred using traditional methods in crystal clear water. The natural microclimate and clean and well oxygenated water of the Młynówka stream in the Ojców National Park give the trout a unique taste. Each fish is bred in open trout ponds for a minimum of 2 years. The entire farm, imitating a mountain stream, or natural habitat for brown trout, creates ideal conditions for its growth. The Ojcowski trout is a tender, juicy, lean meat. It tastes best smoked or grilled.

In 2016, the Ojcowski trout was inscribed on the National List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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News author: Dawid Jasztal
News Publisher: Culinary Krakow
Published: 2020-05-29
Last update: 2020-05-29