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Krakow Celtuce on the Handelek Square

On October 6, 2019, the subsequent edition of the neighborly fair at Handelka Square took place, preserves were the main slogan. The new space at Św. Filipa 14 has turned into a craft market again. As always, there were valuable discussions, and this edition surprised everyone with the presence of the Krakow celtuce!

As part of the Slow Food-CE project and under the patronage of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture Krakow 2019, neighborly fairs at the Handelka Square gathered people interested in the gastronomic offer of producers from Krakow and the surrounding area. Regional slow food made products aparked great interest among residents and tourists.

The Krakow celtuce, once one of the most popular lettuce types in Krakow, attracted the greatest attention. Over 100 years ago, the surrounding population specialized in its cultivation - especially in the current regions of Krowodrza Górka. Unfortunately, before the war its cultivation practically ceased. At the fair, thanks to Michał Cienki, chef of the Art restaurant, everyone could try it. The chef pickled it in the traditional method (according to the recipe from the 19th century). Pickled scape delighted the participants with its crunchiness and refreshing taste, in which it resembled pickled cucumbers.

In addition to the extremely important celtuce, honey, juices and preserves - both vegetable and fruit, were also available. Kombucha enjoyed the great interest of the participants. This product is gaining more and more popularity because it helps cleanse the body and ease any digestive difficulties. The attention of many listeners was focused on the talk about honey and bee products, which have many supporters in the autumn period. As every week, there were many attractions for children! On that day, children prepared pickled products own their own to be taken home with them.


Once again, the trade fair for craft products was a success. Organizers looked after the best exhibitors from the region who willingly shared their knowledge about their products. Living in accordance with the assumptions of slow food and a return to artisan methods of producing are becoming an increasingly important element of the life of Krakow residents. You are invited to follow the upcoming Slow Food-CE project events.

Krakow celtuce is a regional culinary product promoted as part of the Slow Food-CE project - a European project to promote culinary heritage. The City of Krakow is one of the partners of this project.