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Meat Market on the Handelek Square

Return to tradition is the motto of a new series of neighborly fairs, whose subsequent edition of "Meat Market" was held on September 29 on Handelka Square at św. Filipa 14. You could buy artisan sausages, meat and sausages from the Malopolska Region. Among them there was the queen - certified Piaszczańska Sausage.

As part of the Slow Food-CE project and under the auspices of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture Krakow 2019, the neighboring fairs at Handelka Square are gathering an increasing number of people interested in the artisan approach to processing regional products. This time, meat and sausage products played a major role! Exhibitors from our region presented traditional products from the Malopolska Region, which date back to the 14th century. Piaszczańska Sausage is the most popular, which, despite its simple composition (coarsely crumbled pork, rock salt and natural spices) is one of the sausage hits straight from our region. Thanks to the legend I heard about how it was smuggled into the royal court. It tastes even more heavenly. It is worth noting that Piaszczańska Sausage was awarded a Protected Geographical Indication and is included in the National List of Traditional Products.


During the talks, the exhibitors offered guests fresh meats and sausages and talked about their work. You could find out what effect smoking has on taste (cold smoke, warm smoke or flames), and how important high-quality meat is. There were many questions about obtaining information about the farms from which the meat comes; how to preserve them naturally; what to look for when shopping. Knowledge about healthy eating is increasingly important for the residents of Krakow.

As in every edition, there were workshops - making sandwiches was the most popular among the youngest participants. Children themselves chose supplements that were supposed to be on their own nutritious snacks. During joint cooking, children listened to the impact of specific ingredients on health and the most important components of the daily diet. As during each of the cyclical fairs, the organizers took care of a high substantive level of the event.

Subsequent editions of the fair are becoming more and more popular among Krakow residents. Living in accordance with the principles of slow food and a return to craft methods of producing products is not only a new trend, but plays an increasingly stronger role in the homes of many Krakow residents. You are invited to follow the forthcoming editions of the Slow Food-CE project events.

The Piaszczańska Sausage is a regional culinary product promoted under the Slow Food-CE project - a European project to promote culinary heritage. The City of Krakow is one of the partners of this project.